6 juni: Garden City Conference 1924-2024

The 1924 themes of green living and fostering a sense of community are still relevant today. During the June 2024 Garden City Conference, we will look back at the first edition in 1924, and glimpse ahead to 2124. Join us in Amsterdam & Hilversum 5-7 June 2024!

What to expect?

  • Field trip & workshops Garden City Hilversum: Learn all about the unique garden city of The Netherlands and use the qualities to find solutions for the future.
  • Housing Europe Annual Conference: During the elections for a new European Parliament, Housing Europe will add the vital need for affordable, community-led housing to the restoration of ecosystems equation. How can we give nature the space it deserves in our cities while offering decent, accessible, energy-efficient homes to all?
  • Field trip to Haven-Stad (future challenges): The sustainability issue and scarcity of space requires a new – possibly vertical – interpretation of the garden city concept. Case-study: development of the new area HAVEN-STAD in Amsterdam West.